Jungle Jim's Batting Cage System is State of the Art

Six hitting stations allow batters to choose from softball or baseball. Tokens can be purchased at the batting cages or at the main ticket office.

*Our token boxes allow batters to select from many options. Including softball or baseball, and height and speed of their pitches.


Jungle Jim's Has Two of the Nicest Mini-Golf Courses Around

MINI GOLF MONDAY--Buy one get one free for one of our newly renovated courses!

These courses aren't your typical mini-golf courses with goofy characters and obstacles. Jungle Jim's mini-golf courses are life like with water hazards, bunkers, rolling terrain, and professional landscaping.

These courses may even challenge some regular golfers. But don't be intimidated, these courses will provide plenty of fun for your entire family.

Riders drop into the Anaconda, which towers over Jungle Jim's mini-golf courses.

A series of waterfalls and streams run through both 18 hole courses.

Last ticket sold at 5:15 p.m.